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Miscellaneous Fees and Charges

Account Analysis
Earnings Credit Equal to our current Money Market rate after deduction for reserves
Monthly Maintenance $10.00
Checks & Other Debits $.15 per item 
Debit Card Transactions $.07 per item
Direct Payments $.07 per item
Telephone Transfers $2.00 per transfer
Deposits $.50 per deposit
Direct Deposits $.07 per deposit
Deposited Items $.07 per item
Currency Handling $0.15 per $100.00
Coin Handling $0.08 per roll
Returned Check Charge (NSF) $27.50 per item
Overdraft Charge (OD) $27.50 per item - created by check, in-person withdrawal, or electronic means other than ATM or POS trans.
Stop Payments $27.50 per stop payment
Deposited Item Returns $4.00 per item
Domestic Incoming Wires $10.00 each
Domestic Outgoing Wires $25.00 each

Checks & Money Orders
Cashiers Checks $5.00 per check
Mastercard Cash Passport Card (1st Card) $8.95
Additional Card $1.00
Reload of Card $5.00

Wire Transfer, outgoing $25.00 each - for Customers only
Wire Transfer, incoming $10.00 each - for Customers only
Check Cashing $10.00 plus 1% non customers checks drawn on other banks
Other Services We may have other services available. Please feel free to inquire. Thank you for your business

Other Account Fees
Microfilm Copies $5.00 each
Bookkeeping/Research $30.00 per hour, $10.00 minimum
Continuous Overdraft Charge If neg. bal > $25.00 = $2.00 per business day the account is overdrawn 
Overdraft Charge $27.50 per item - created by check, in-person withdrawal, or electronic means other than ATM or POS trans.
Return Check Charge - NSF or post dated $27.50 per item, Max $100 per day
Bank Statement Copy $3.00 each
Deposited Item Returned $4.00 per item
Levy or Garnishment $50.00 each
Early Closure of Account within 90 days of opening $20.00
Stop Payment Fee $27.50 per item
Incoming Collection $10.00 per item
Outgoing Collection $8.00 per item
Returned Mail $5.00 per item
Mail Deposit Receipt $2.50 per receipt
Night Drop Error Correction $5.00 per transaction


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